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Jon Vidar and Tiziano Project

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Text by: Carren Jao
Illustration by: Jessica de Jesus
Edited by: Elisa Huang
Published: 29 Nov 2012, GOOD

From the smartphones we hold in our hands to the hybrid cars we commute in every day, the world has seen an unprecedented rise in technology and connectivity. Yet, in a world where YouTube reaches more than 800 million unique users per month, 42 million people in the world have been forcibly displaced from their homes with nary a blip in our collective radars.

Seeing the imbalance of media attention on human justice issues, Andrew McGregor, Jon Vidar and Thomas Rippe, photojournalism students from the University of Southern California, were inspired to do something to rebalance the scale. They co-founded the Tiziano Project to share voices that may otherwise be heard. [read more]


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