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Life by Design

Not all great ideas are modern day inventions. It's an interesting thing to look back and old publications and see that really the problems then are still questions we struggle to answer now. I do hope though that our solutions now are much better thought out. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Yosuke Kitazawa
Published: 19 Dec 2012, KCET

With the spate of exciting projects we've been covering around the Los Angeles River here at Confluence, one would be forgiven for thinking it is only in the 21st century we've thought to re-think the city's relationship with the river. But that isn't the case, as evidenced by this tantalizing Los Angeles Examiner article posted on native Angeleno and journalist George Garrigues's archive of Los Angeles in the 1900s. [read more]


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