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For my second piece for Artbound, I tackled something near and dear to me, the delicate balancing act of multiple cultures. I've grown up toeing that sensitive line being ethnically Chinese, growing up in a Filipino community tinged with Spanish and American influences. I see it the cross currents of culture everywhere, especially in the artists of Los Angeles. 

This piece got such a wonderful response from the community that I can only assume, everyone instinctively sees how much a multicultural background informs every part of our lives. 

The Asian and Latino Bi-Cultural Experience
Text and additional photography by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Drew Tewksbury
Published: 15 Mar 2013, Artbound

Detail of "Gerardo" by Shizu Saldamando. Courtesy of the artist.
California hosts both the largest Hispanic and Asian population of any state -- and it's growing even faster. As the state's demographic continues to be in flux, so does its character ebb and flow. The Land of Sunshine is one that resists the matter-of-factness of census tick boxes. Instead, its artists investigate the gray areas that exist in between, and in the process, they surprise audiences into recognizing the multiple streams of heritage they ford themselves. [read more]


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