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Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi's work brings to life a Tron-like world with just light, string and a lot of imagination.

Korean-born artist Jeongmoon Choi challenges what the two-dimensionality of lines by creating three-dimensional space using glowing thread. In the process, Choi builds surreal worlds built on geometrical light installations.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Alice Davis
Published: 22 Feb 2013, Surface Asia

Drawing in Space, 2011, Threads, UV light, Dimensions variable
As a child, Choi had always been drawn to creating and painting, and pursued the medium single-mindedly taking up painting for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Art at Sung-Shin University. But only when she moved to Germany did she discover a different kind of canvas and paint in the form of UV light and space. “UV Light brings the spaces in a constant change of inside and outside in relation to each other and shows the paradoxical dual nature of space perception,” says the artist.

Choi first began to incorporate thread onto canvas, creating intricate patterns, while at the same time giving depth to a piece. Eventually, her experiments transcended the canvas and expanded into entire rooms that immersed the visitor into a strangely digital-like world, handmade by Choi. Glowing threads refract from corners and bounce off the ceiling, like multiple laser beams fired off at once. The result? Illusion realized.

Below, now-full time artist Choi tells Surface Asia about the jobs she took on to support her art, her influences and where she sees her work moving in the future. [read more]


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