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Being married to a game designer can sometimes be a strange experience, especially if one knows next to nothing playing games at all. 

I wrote about the experience for THE Magazine, an exclusively online magazine for the curious and technologically-inclined. The process was tough. It required a couple of re-writes, probably because it's difficult to talk about something so personal. Sorry guys, subscription required. 

A new species has emerged in the living room; what can we learn from him?
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Brittany Shoot and Glenn Fleishman
Published: 01 Aug 2013, THE magazine

In the dim light of the living room, he stalks his multiple prey. He reclines against the sofa, and his eyebrows furrow slightly as he levels his gaze at the 72-inch television screen. His too-long hair curls slightly at the neck and around his eyes, making him look like a kid lost in serious thought. Sandwiched between his hands is a bulbous, Batarang-shaped object: a controller. [read more, subscription req'd]


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