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I cheer whenever government empowers people. A new city initiative does exactly that. People Street allows communities to reclaim their public space by applying for and building bike corrals, parklets and plazas in underutilized city spaces. I went to their very first community meeting to check out how it went. Here's my coverage for KCRW's Design and Architecture. 


Text and reporting by: Carren Jao
Editing by: Frances Anderton
Published 29 Jan 2014, KCRW's Design & Architecture

Fancy turning a stretch of your ‘hood into a pedestrian plaza? Or a parking space into a mini-park or “parklet?” Or how about carving out a “bike corral,” a stretch of parking dedicated to bike parking. Well, with the help of “People Street,” that’s exactly what you might be able to do. Carren Jao reports on a City of Los Angeles initiative launched this week. Richard Schave offers a counterperspective.

Spring Street parklet. Photo by: Daveed Kapoor.
Street life in Los Angeles is getting a boost this year with the launch of People Street, an initiative from the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation to help citizens identify and transform parts of the street into bike corrals, parklets and even plazas, reclaiming part of the city back to pedestrians.

People Street aims to be a one-stop shop for community groups looking to bring life to underused city streets. Developed over the course of a year, it offers clear guidance and specifications for turning part of a street into a bike corral, parklet or plaza. Instruction manuals outline idea sites for such street conversions, delegate responsibilities between the community and LADOT, as well as offer pre-approved designs that can be implemented for each type. [read more]


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