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I love colorful people and when it comes to vibrancy few come close to Deborah Sussman. I had the honor of covering her talk and exhibition at WUHO last month (Thanks, Alissa!) and it was a pleasure. Her stories were nothing short of amazing and inspirational. This is a woman who knows how to enjoy life... and I hope my story captures even just a bit of it!

How Deborah Sussman’s colorful graphics transformed Los Angeles and paved a path for women designers

Text by: Carren Jao
Photos by: Laure Joliet
Edited by: Alissa Walker
Published: 15 January 2014, deLab

It doesn’t take much to surmise that 82-year-old designer Deborah Sussman is a woman who knows how to have fun. Just one look at her color-blocked button-down shirt, patchwork pants, blue boa and mismatched footwear, and you come to see a little of the joie de vivre she brings to her projects.

If that’s not enough, a walk through Woodbury University’s WUHO Gallery’s exhibit, “Deborah Sussman Loves Los Angeles,” which showcased the graphic designer’s work from 1953 to 1984, offers further, unflinching proof. [read more]


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