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While the rest of us are stuck with the humdrum of everyday city living, CityVision is an organization that tries to shake things up in the traditional Roman world. What can our future cities look like? How will they take shape? How can we be part of it? These are questions they tackle and I ask them why they pursued this line of thinking. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Laura Raskin
Published: 10 Mar 2014, Architectural Record

Worlds of Cityvision will be on view at the WUHO Gallery in Los Angeles through March 23, 2014. The exhibition features urban proposals submitted to international ideas competitions launched by independent architecture lab Cityvision, as well as the lab's own projects. Cityvision team members, left to right: Sebastian Di Guardo, Vanessa Todaro, Joshua Mackley, Boris Prosperini, Ilja Burchard, and Francesco Lipari. Photo courtesy of Cityvision.
The timelessness of Rome—the Eternal City—can be problematic for young architects attempting to break free of its design conservatism. Cityvision, an independent architecture lab based in Rome, offers an outlet by sponsoring competitions, publishing a magazine, and hosting lectures and events that invite people to discuss the future of cities.

Founded in 2010 by Francesco Lipari and Vanessa Todaro—also the principals of OFL Architecture—Cityvision has made appearances at Maker Faire Rome, the MAXXI, and Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma, and garnered the support of J├╝rgen Mayer H., Joshua Prince-Ramus, and Bjarke Ingels. Four years since its inception, Cityvision celebrates another milestone with the opening of its first exhibition outside of Europe, Worlds of Cityvision, at Woodbury School of Architecture’s WUHO Gallery in Los Angeles, which runs through March 23, 2014. The exhibition features proposals submitted to Cityvision competitions, as well as the lab’s own projects. RECORD spoke to Lipari and Todaro about the challenges of breaking out of the mold and the future of the lab. [read more]


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