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I love work that blurs the boundaries between the private and public. Perhaps it's the idealist in me, but whenever spaces become ways to connect people, I instantly think that's a pro for the rest of humanity. 

Materials & Applications' yard displays have become Silver Lake landmarks. The work is showcased in a Long Beach museum exhibition.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Anne Colby
Published: 17 Mar 2014, Los Angeles Times

Ball-Nogues' Maximillian's Schell was one of the early interventions at M&A. via We Make Money Not Art
A sliver of a yard can be a powerful thing. Materials & Applications has proved this time and again by collaborating with architects to put up fantastical creations on a 25-by-40-foot gravel yard fronting Silver Lake Boulevard.

Past double-take-worthy installations include a golden-leafed Mylar canopy in the shape of a black hole by Ball-Nogues Studio, a motorized vegetative cover that opens and refolds like origami by Eddie Sykes and a sinuous, fire-shaped gazebo made of pressure-laminated panels by Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong. The installations turned the M&A yard into a local landmark — a pocket park in a privately owned space. [read more]


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