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Playing Sick

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Sometimes, being an actor doesn't mean being on-stage. These guys put on a patient's robe and playact for the benefit of would-be doctors that could one day save our lives. Read my latest for 100% subscriber-supported online publication, The Magazine.

Professional patients help doctors become better at diagnosis.
Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Brittany Shoot and Glenn Fleishman
Published: 13 March 2014, THE magazine

Slender at 110 pounds, 72-year-old Lee Gale Gruen slumps listlessly in a wooden chair as if her aging spine were slowly conceding defeat to gravity. She meets the eyes of the young woman in front of her, waiting with some apprehension for word of her condition. The young woman takes a deep breath and says, “Unfortunately, I’ve got some bad news…” Her voice wavers and wobbles, and the woman breaks down in tears.

“Time out!” comes a call from behind her.

The instructor breaks into the scenario, reminding the young woman and a class of her fellow medical students that they are sitting in a lecture hall in Los Angeles; none of it is real. Yet. [read more, subscription req'd]


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