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Green design isn't a new idea. It's something that's been around as early as the 70s. My conversation with Polly reminded me that good design is inherently green. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Anne Colby
Published: 23 Apr 2014, Los Angeles Times

The Anderle home in Los Angeles was remodeled by Polly Osborne. Photo by: Derek Rath / Osborne Architects.

After having grown up on the Monterey Peninsula, L.A. architect Polly Osborne couldn't help but take nature into consideration in her work. "It was all around me," Osborne says.

So too were pioneers whose ideas would ripple down the history of green architecture. Will Shaw, one of the founders, with Ansel Adams, of Foundation for Environmental Design, was her stepfather. Lawrence Halprin, a revered elder of landscape architecture, and George Brook-Kothlow, architect of handmade houses, were friends of the family.

This milieu nurtured what have been the hallmarks of Osborne's oft-awarded practice: careful siting that works with nature to keep a home comfortable; general use of local, environmentally responsible materials; and a sense of harmony with the natural world. [read more]


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