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It's hard to find the essence of Los Angeles, especially when you're looking for the perfect gift for an out-of-town friend. For that, I'm glad Los Angeles County Store exists. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Anne Colby
Published: 08 May 2014, Los Angeles Times

Locally made gift items get their due at the new Los Angeles County Store in Silver Lake. From left are Margaret Gallagher, owner MaryAnne LoVerme and Sarah Vandersall. (Blake Gardner Photography)
At  4,084 square miles, Los Angeles County can present a formidable challenge for those looking to uncover creative finds from local artisans. MaryAnne LoVerme just made it a lot easier. She's opened Los Angeles County Store, which offers goods made exclusively within the Los Angeles County area. [read more]


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