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LA is earthquake country, but most of us go around trying to forget that. This installation at Materials and Applications is a deliberate attempt at opening our eyes again. DV Rogers has created a place where we can contemplate our place in the middle of this constant movement beneath our feet. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Laura Raskin
Published: 22 Oct 2014, Architectural Record

The Domus shelter in front of Materials & Applications in Los Angeles.
Every day, the earth quivers and convulses. Hardly anyone notices. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates there are 500,000 detectable earthquakes in the world each year; only 20 percent of those can be felt by human beings.

In Los Angeles—in a bid to open the eyes of an endangered community—artist and engineer D.V. Rogers, along with a group of volunteers, has constructed Domus, an experimental installation that allows visitors to experience the world’s constant, pulsating seismic activity. “The idea is create a contemplative space that will help people be more responsive to the larger biological and seismological environment,” says Rogers, who grew up in the geologically active country of New Zealand. [read more]


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