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Michael had such a wonderful energy about him when we met on the banks of the Los Angeles River. It was obvious from just a few minutes just how much enthusiasm he had for his medium, despite its rigor and difficulty... or perhaps because of it. 

Text and Photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Drew Tewksbury
Published: 24 November 2014, Artbound

Dressed in a silver nitrate-splattered white shirt and ripped jeans with a red headlamp strapped just below his eyeglasses and blue surgical gloves on his hands, Michael Kolster has the look of a eccentric professor with his laboratory set on the banks of the Los Angeles River, creating prints using anachronistic methods.

Kolster, a 2013 Guggenheim fellow and associate professor of art at Bowdoin College in Maine, has set up shop for fourteen days along different parts of the Los Angeles River, advised by Jenny Price of Play the L.A. River and guided by the group's playing cards. "It was a great way to find access to locations along the river and it even tells you where to park," says Kolster. The professor's journey is a continuation of his long term project, "Down by the River," where he captured four other American rivers in the East, forty years after the introduction of the 1972 Clean Water Act. [read more]


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