Carren's Pitch

Life by Design

A classic radio play gets a modern day makeover. 

Text and Photos by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Drew Tewksbury
Published: 04 Feb 2015, Artbound

The "War of the Worlds" production at the Double L Bar in Lone Pine back in December. Courtesy of Metabolic Studio.

Pretend for a minute that you're on a quintessential California road trip. It could be winter. You and your friends are feeling adventurous. You've packed all your snowboarding gear and a change of regular clothes, and then set off for Mammoth Mountain.

As you drive on the 395, you tune in to 89.9 FM and hear this:
"Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program of easy listening music to bring you a special bulletin from CNN news. At 20 minutes before 8 Pacific Time, Professor Farrell of Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles reports observing several explosions of incandescent gas, occurring at regular intervals on the planet Mars. The spectroscope indicates the gas to be hydrogen and moving towards the earth with enormous velocity. Our local deep space expert, Professor Pierson of the Caltech Owens Valley Radio Observatory outside of Big Pine confirms Farrell's observation, and describes the phenomenon as (quote) like a jet of blue flame shot from a gun (unquote). We now return you to our regular program."
If you were in Los Angeles, you would have instantly dismissed such a strange, extraterrestrial event. But you're in the middle of a long, long drive across a lonely, dusty highway. As the loneliness of the California desert stretches out before you, you wonder, "Could it be true?"

If any part of you believed, then you would not have been alone. Nor would you have been the first.


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