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The city is an amazing resource if one has eyes to notice. Nance Klehm is one of those people. She's taking people on a tour of the city as a food source. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Alice Short
Published: 13 Feb 2015, Los Angeles Times

Horticulturist Nance Klehm will lead a walkabout to discuss wild edibles in Los Angeles. (Jason Creps)

A fifth-generation horticulturalist, Nance Klehm has always been attuned to the great outdoors. "I grew up on 500 acres of rural northwest Illinois. We had an orientation to land, animals and plants as part of our world. It's never been something I've been separated from," says Klehm, who is also an urban forager and self-styled "radical ecologist." Over the years, she's led foraging tours around the world, and on Feb. 22, with the support of design shop Otherwild and the feminist art practice Women's Center for Creative Work, she will lead an urban walkabout designed to help Angelenos identify edible plants and learn about their botanical histories. [read more]


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