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Brad isn't just about making a profit, he's also about preserving the small pieces of architectural history that usually get swept away. Here's a quick sidebar about his work along with the feature piece on Tamra's home

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Alice Short
Published 03 April 2015, Los Angeles Times

Bank executive Brad Chambers didn't set out to be a preservationist, but his financial background, coupled with a love for small architectural structures, naturally led him down that path.

Over almost two decades, Chambers has purchased, restored and rented out nine historic homes within the Garvanza neighborhood — each around1,500 square feet or less — and others outside of the neighborhood.

"Those houses are the ones that are most at risk," Chambers says. "It's very easy to justify tearing them down because [they're] too small for families and too expensive for investors, who could make more money building multi-family homes on the same land." [read more]


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