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Individualism is such a strong American trait that it can sometimes leave one feeling isolated. Paige Tighe breaks through the barriers we build by simply asking to hold our hands. Would you do it? I did and it was disconcerting, but revelatory as well. 

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Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Yosuke Kitazawa
Published: 02 April 2015, KCET

Over the past few months, the Los Angeles River has been a political issue. It has been the center of debates about social equality, health, and fiscal feasibility. The Los Angeles River has been so buried in these laden terms that it's easy to forget this waterway is first and foremost a place where real people gather, where they seek shelter legally or illegally, where residents come to simply commune with others.

Artist Paige Tighe seeks to reorient the experience of the Los Angeles River by the simple yet powerful act of holding hands. Her "Walk with Me" series on the Los Angeles River was made possible by Play the L.A. River, a collective of river enthusiasts looking to increase awareness and accessibility to the river by engaging people in fun activities. [read more]


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