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Heath's book on the craft of using tile

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I never knew tile could be so flexible. It can even be dramatic when used the right way. My interview with Heath owners was certainly a treat. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Alice Short
Published: 16 October 2015, Los Angeles Times

The Ace Hotel is photographed for the book "Tile Makes the Room," by Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey of Heath Ceramincs. (Mariko Reed / Ten Speed Press / Penguin Random)
Tile is sometimes an afterthought at the start of a remodel or a design project, but Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic are hoping their new book, "Tile Makes the Room," can inspire us to reorder our priorities.

"To us, tile isn't just surface material," says Bailey, who, with Petravic, is the owner of Heath Ceramics. "It's an integral enough material, with enough design potential, that if you integrate it into architecture or interior design more deeply, you can have something exponentially wonderful." [read more]


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