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How about some shade?

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I'm a fan of technology, but it's not always the answer especially when it comes to mobility. Here's my take on LA's new high-tech bus shelters.

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Matthew Fleischer
Published: 09 October 2015, Los Angeles Times

A woman takes shelter from the sun under an umbrella while waiting for the bus at 5th and Hill streets in downtown Los Angeles on Aug. 13. (Los Angeles Times)
Anyone who’s ever hung out at a Los Angeles bus station knows the wait can seem interminable. In a bid to make the experience less painful, the city of L.A. has a plan to outfit 15 bus stops with smart benches and shelters as part of its Great Streets Initiative. The first upgraded shelter debuted last week at Central Avenue and 43rd Street in Historic South-Central to great fanfare. Fourteen more will be coming online over the next months.

The bus stops sound like every tech-savvy commuter’s dream: solar-powered USB charging ports, Wi-Fi hot spots, LED lights, and most important, real-time arrival info for Metro and City buses. (No more wondering if you missed the bus!) But despite all the good things about the plan, these upgrades are missing out on the city’s real need: adequate shade. [read more]


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