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When discussing any kind of revitalization, it's always critical to think about what's already there, depending on the current environment for their survival. Even concrete, with its negative connotations, has something to contribute. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Kathryn Noonan
Published: 29 August 2016, KCET

No discussion of the future of the Los Angeles River is ever complete without picturesque renderings of the river resplendent in greenery. Chances are, there will probably be a few birds flying overhead thrown in for optimal “ooh” factor. But despite the idyllic vision presented by these renderings, it is one that is incomplete.

As it is now, the Los Angeles River is mostly encased in concrete. It’s a waterway that is more a built, engineered object than it is an uncharted refuge for the wild. Though it is concrete, however, it doesn’t cease to be a home for some of the city’s passing residents. [read more]


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