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I launched a new project this year. The Unraveled Web is my attempt to make the world a little less strange by mapping my social network. Zeke was my first "victim" of sorts.

Zeke is a furniture designer. His works in wood are elegant while still being inventive, but what attracted me most to his design aesthetic is the amount of personality he imbues in each piece. Like his work, his home is also a testament to the kind of person he is.

Watch this!
Home-making: A look inside designer Zeke Leonard's home
Photos and production by: Carren Jao


Unknown said...

Wow. I love this guy's style.

Carren said...

Thanks for checking it out! Do you mean fashion or furniture design? Both are very cool.

I love his furniture pieces. They're so meaningful, but still elegantly simple. I'd love to have one in my home. :) You can check his work at:

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