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Thoughts on Snow (part 2)

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Here's my humble addition to GOOD's Guide to Slowing Down.

Slow Your Roll Tip #18: Get stuck in a snowstorm--and make the best of it

Twenty inches or more of snow in one day. Snowpocalypse, my friends.

When the roads close and events are cancelled, it's time to get in touch with other people on a personal level. Sure, we can't get to them in 15 minutes by car, but we can walk out the door and brave knee-high snow to play some board games. These two people (the small dots on the lower left hand side of the photo) had just that bright idea:

These two came to visit us at home, play board games and share a few yummy desserts.

Without cars on the road, streets also become either of two things: a testament to the beauty of nature or a massive playground for the young and young at heart.

What to do in that case? Break out your camera and take some awesome pictures; take your kids sledding greeting neighbors in the meantime; and finally, kick up some snow and enjoy the moment of peace after the storm.

Tire tracks on the snow

Winter Wonderland in Squirrel Hill

Fun in the snow

Photos by: Carren Jao
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