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Help Make Knowhow Shop's Mutant Hammock

Posted by Carren |

Knowhow Shop is probably one of the funnest workshops around. Somehow, all their projects manage to tickle my fancy with its innate sense of fun and community, like this one!


Text by: Carren Jao
Photos by: Linda Hsiao
Edited by: LinYee Yuan
Published: 04 May 2012, Core77

Hammocks should be the universal symbol for rest and relaxation. Whenever I catch a glimpse of one, I instantly imagine palm trees, beaches and gorgeous sunsets. The only catch? Hammocks are usually solitary affairs.

Now, Knowhow Shop, a co-op fabrication shop and design studio in Los Angeles, puts a decidedly fun spin on things with their plan to build a six-sided hammock at Santa Monica's Bergamot Station People's Park this Cinco de Mayo. This scaled-up hammock is deliberately enormous with enough space for a few friends to scooch in. [read more]


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