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Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Yosuke Kitazawa
Published: 16 Aug 2012, KCET

Male El Segundo Blue Butterfly at Ballona Creek. Photo courtesy of Mary Small at the Coastal Conservancy
Every year, an average of 13,800 acres of wetlands are lost in the lower 48 states, but on the Westside, Los Angeles is fighting to save 600 acres of Ballona Wetlands.

Once a 2,000-acre expanse of coastal habitat that stretched from Playa del Rey to Venice (1,087 acres of which served as industrialist Howard Hughes' private airport and birthplace of the "Spruce Goose" airplane), the wetland has since been faced with increased congestion and environmental degradation that make it harder and harder for flora and fauna to flourish.

The Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project (BWRP) is a long-term science-based plan to turn the space surrounded by Westchester, Marina del Rey and Playa Vista by LAX into a thriving ecological reserve. [read more]


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