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David Berman and Do Good Design

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Berman's book was required reading in my introductory Design class, so when I found the opportunity to chat with him about his work and his mission, I took it. Here's the first of a series of posts which have me asking some great doers and thinkers, what was it that changed the course of their lives. Great stories. Thanks to Good for giving me a great excuse to talk with some heroes.

Text by: Carren Jao
Illustration by: Jessica de Jesus
Edited by: Elisa Huang
Published: 16 Aug 2012, GOOD

In 1999, the importance of sustainability and “being green” hadn’t caught on yet in mainstream pop culture. Gas guzzling SUVs were at their height and gasoline hovered at about $1 per gallon. It would be four years before Alex Steffen and Jamais Cascio would establish and Davis Guggenheim’s An Inconvenient Truth was still seven years away from premiering at Sundance.

On one Friday night dinner at the Berman household in Ottawa, Canada, designer and typographer David Berman was deep in conversation with his father, a research chemist.

“I was sitting with my father and I was talking about the idea of how social action is not optional and how to use one’s professional life to leave a legacy of goodness," says Berman. "And we figured out that 95 percent of designers that have ever lived are alive right now." [read more]


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