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Skin Deep

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Though we're told that race doesn't matter, the color of one's skin subtly affects much of our social interactions. At least that's what I felt growing up. It wasn't insidious, but it was pervasive. I post some of my thoughts on skin color over at Hyperallergic and link it to one of the smartest investigations on the illusion of skin color I've seen so far. What do you think? 

Angelica Dass’s Human Pantone Photographs

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Hrag Vartanian
Published: 21 Aug 2012, Hyperallergic

Images from Angelica Dass’s Humanae series. (all images from and used with the artist’s permission)
Humanity’s almost laughable fascination with lighter or darker skins is scrutinized under the camera’s lens by Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass, who has taken over 150 photographs of men and women and matched them — using a 11×11 pixel swatch from their faces — with their corresponding Pantone color. The results are posted it on the Humanae tumblelog for all to see. [read more]


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