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Life by Design

One thing I love about interviews is actually meeting the people behind the photographs and web pages. These three women had so much fun together. It's no wonder their work is slowly being picked up all over town. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Craig Nakano
Published: 02 Oct 2013 (in print 05 Oct), Los Angeles Times

Imagine a cave woman, id-driven and disheveled, lost in the soft, squishy possibility of the clay in her hands. Then triple it. That would be Me Like Clay, a newly formed collective whose chest-thumping members -- Titia Estes, Susan Wong and Heather Rosenman -- will show their work at the Brewery ArtWalk next weekend.

“It’s the primal, pure aspect of clay that draws us,” Estes said. “We all get dirt in our faces, under our fingernails. But we love it.” [read more]


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