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The city is ever-changing, but we don't always have to throw out the old in favor of the new. RAC Design Build decided to take a second look at a project and found that it could be saved and turned into a green space. Construction was already on-going in the new project. The question now is, was RACDB's efforts too little too late? Or just in time? 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Yosuke Kitazawa
Published: 03 Oct 2013, KCET

Construction on the new Riverside-Figueroa Bridge has been ongoing since 2011, but recently Elysian Valley architects RAC Design Build has approached the city with the possibility of preserving the steel section of the old bridge and turning into an elevated park, a la New York City's High Line.

"Why are we dismantling infrastructure that could otherwise be repurposed?" asked Kevin Mulcahy of RAC Design about eight months ago, when the whole idea was investigated in earnest. [read more]


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