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It's rare to see a business with real heart, so when I found out about Heath's design and business philosophy, I knew I had to cover it. Here's a company that doesn't ambition to rule the world, but to really find a satisfying medium between economics and creativity. What would the world be like with more companies who follow their example? 

Bucking the trend, Heath Ceramics scales back distribution of its iconic designs

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Carolyn Horwitz
Published: Nov 2014, Entrepreneur

A sample of Heath Ceramics wares. Photo by: Kathryn Pritchett
“Grow big, quickly” sounds like an enviable path to success for a young designer. Not so for Heath Ceramics. The venerable midcentury company is taking a slower, more studied route to growth that challenges preconceived notions of retail success.

Contrary to the usual tactic of manufacturers, the storied American ceramics-maker will have weaned itself off all its wholesale customers by the end of this year, focusing exclusively on direct sales from its own four retail stores and website. [read more]


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