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When the Japanese design, there is always a great attention to detail. Even the smallest things were considered. Despite all this attention, the one thing Japanese brand Muji didn't do was to make their products about the designers. Instead, it was all about the function and form. 

Text by: Carren Jao
Edited by: Jenna Schnuer
Published: August 2015, Entrepreneur

Tucked behind a CVS Pharmacy and a Marshalls on Hollywood Boulevard sits the Los Angeles outpost of Muji, a Japanese brand that is venerated by design enthusiasts around the world.

The store offers a bastion of calm amid the chaos of the boulevard, where character actors do their best Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin impersonations. Inside the 8,600-square-foot Muji space, with its exposed brick columns and reclaimed wood finishing, are orderly displays of minimalist furniture, housewares, apparel, stationery, food and electronics. The elegantly designed products, which carry no visible brand identifiers, evoke a subtle aesthetic that entices customers to come closer. It is that laid-back beauty, that determination to offer tranquility in a world of noise, that has earned the brand a cult following. [read more]


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