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Lewis MacAdams Passes Away

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 For a time, I covered the people, places and issues of the Los Angeles River. There were many players on the scene, but none that perhaps had such an effect on the river on a cultural level than Lewis MacAdams. I feel as though my coverage of the Los Angeles River has somehow come full circle in this story of his passing. Read the story, but also make time to click through the timeline and the many videos in the article.


Without Lewis MacAdams, an avowed poet, Los Angeles might have completely forgotten the river that birthed the city. “There would not be a movement to save or restore the L.A. river without him,” said Joe Edmiston, executive director of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. “He was able to provide some romance, some poetry, some vision that you didn’t see.”

Through his eyes and with his imagination, Angelenos re-awakened to their latent memories of the historic river Spain's Gaspar de Portola "discovered" during his explorations in 1769. Inspired, they are now creating for themselves a vision of a waterway that would carry Los Angeles into a lusher, more naturally connected 21st century. [read more]


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