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Summer is Back On in L.A.

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 In contrast to the somber news of every day, this one calls back to happier times at one of L.A.'s most iconic venues: the Hollywood Bowl. It was a pleasure to dig deep into the venue's history of performance and its role in diversifying people's view of music. 


Many have believed that there is treasure in the Cahuenga Pass, but those who live in Los Angeles, or are more than passingly-familiar with the city, know that the real treasure lies in a little valley surrounded by hills: the Hollywood Bowl, a “natural sounding board … constructed by a freak of nature,” to borrow the words Alfred Hertz, one of the Bowl’s earliest conductors and “Father of the Bowl” used to describe it during a lecture to university students in 1924.

For almost a century, the Hollywood Bowl has been the place where beautiful genre-bending music is made and shared with everyone from all walks of life, which is why it has garnered such a following from Angelenos summer after summer. Its role in the city is so ingrained that, as COVID-19 took its toll on the world and forced the cancellation of the 2020 Hollywood Bowl Season, it prompted the Los Angeles Times headline, “So long, L.A. summer.”

But, the music has persisted at the Hollywood Bowl through wars, recessions and catastrophes. (“Hollywood Bowl Night” was one of the most popular radio programs offered by the Armed Forces Radio Service during World War II and the following years.) This year would continue that tradition, albeit in a new medium. Spurred by the cancellation of the summer concert season, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, which operates the Hollywood Bowl, and PBS stations KCET and PBS SoCal, partnered to offer the city a different communal experience of music through a new television series “In Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.” [read more]


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